Paris, 3 - 7 July



The 12th International Symposium on Metastable and Nano Materials (ISMANAM) will be held in Paris at the Maison de la Chimie on July 3-7, 2005.

ISMANAM was first held in Grenoble in 1994 and thus is coming back to France after eleven years. During these eleven years the field has considerably broadened. Nanomaterials and (bulk) metallic glasses have become common place and nanoscale characterization techniques and powerful computer simulation methods have advanced the study of nano-scale structures and relations to various properties.

Materials classes to be covered in the Symposium include metastable crystalline, quasicrystalline and amorphous phases and materials containing some nano scale in their structures; including bulk materials with nanometer scale grains and nanocomposites nanopowders, thin films and nanosized particles.

Furthermore, in phase with our community’s current scientific preoccupations, this meeting will seek to promote a better understanding of the formation and structure of nanomaterials and their internal interfaces and the formation and nanoscale structure of glasses through experimentation and simulation. It will also focus on the mechanisms of deformation in nanomaterials and glasses and the simulation of the deformation. The long (wish) list of invited speakers reflects the scope of this symposium designed to be a high profile gathering of top scientists and those who wish to interact with them.

ISMANAM-2005 oral (mostly invited) presentations will be held July 3-7.

Two half-day parallel sessions will be set up to cover subjects of more direct interest to the mechanosynthesis community organised around the Network “Reseau Francais de Mecanosynthese (RFM)”.

Two half-day parallel sessions each will be organised by the European RTN Networks on bulk metallic glasses and nanostructured magnesium hydride composites respectively.

Proceedings will be published after peer review.

The scope cannot be totally defined without a word about Paris. The choice of the location has been made to put us in the middle of “old” Paris. Wednesday afternoon (July 6th) will be set aside for an excursions, shopping or visits to various monuments and will be capped by a banquet dinner on a boat on the river Seine. The winner of ISMANAM Prize will be announced at the dinner.