Paris, 3 - 7 July



As is the tradition of ISMANAM, the Steering Committee will select a senior scientist for the annual ISMANAM Prize. The award, which can be attributed based on recent scientific leadership and ground breaking results or based on highly distinguished career long contributions, will be announced at the banquet dinner on Wednesday July 6th.


Candidacies can be proposed by any participant.


The previous ISMANAM prize winners were: A. Inoue (1994); W.L. Johnson (1995); A.R. Yavari (1996); A.H. Grande (1997); B. Cantor (1998); A.Y. Yermakov (1999); A.L. Greer (2000); Uwe Köster (2001); P.G. McCormick (2002); R.B. Schwarz (2003); J. Perepezko (2004).


A young scientist prize will also be awarded to an excellent participating scientist maximum 35 years old at the meeting.